Selecting Appropriate Shoes for AFOs (Ankle-Foot-Orthoses)

For Treating Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD), Pes Plano-Valgus, ie, "Flat Feet" and "Over-Pronation"  When I am evaluating a patient for AFOs (ankle-foot orthoses) I always take the time educating him or her about appropriate footwear to use with the braces, as obtaining appropriate footwear is usually a patient's responsibility. Th...
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Not All Amputees Are The Same

As a practitioner in the field for 26 years, I always see patient's that try to compare themselves to "how other people are doing". I guess it is human nature to have some measure of how they are progressing. My response is always the same.Walking with a prosthesis is a physical activity, and no two people respond in the same way. It is a bad idea ...
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Health & Fitness for Amputees

amputee-fitness High Tech & Low Impact
Amputation surgery and recovering from limb loss is life altering. Simple things that were once accomplished with little thought and effort, can be overwhelming challenges at first. Overcoming the countless amounts of changes can disheartening and can often lead to depressive symptoms. It is important to not lose hope and focus the on opportunities...
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U.S. DoD Warrior Games to be held in Florida – June 2019

seth-kane-406462-unsplash U.S. DoD Warrior Games
Come out get inspired and take the next step in your journey to a life without limits!  Watch, cheer or perhaps volunteer - the important thing is engagement with this amazing community, just waiting to say hello!  To support our troops and learn how you can engage and do more please visit the Tampa Bay Times Website. Complete Details Protection Status © Mid-Florida Prosthetics and Orthotics