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Trudy Kruczek

Trudy Kruczek

Retired teacher, Active with Gainesville Garden Club several other community organizations
Trudy took her first steps in life on a prosthetic leg, at 18 months old. In her mid-sixties, she came to Mid-Florida in search of help and a solution for her prosthetic needs. Trudy was still using the kind of older prosthetic design she had had all her life. With Victor’s help, she was fitted with a prosthesis that integrated decades of technological advancement beyond what she was used to, bringing her, as she puts it, from the “horse and buggy” era into the “jet plane” age. She found the information, education, and upgrade Victor provided to be vital, and it allows her to continue her active lifestyle.

I was introduced to “the new world of prosthetics”

Trudy Kruczek, Patient
  • Condition:
    Knee-disarticulation from congenital limb absence (born with no leg from the knee down)
  • Solution:
    Seal-in suction socket with Ottobock 3R106 pneumatic knee, Blatchford Avalon foot, and soft foam cover
Trans Alps Adventure

Meet Bill

Desert Storm War Veteran & Family Hero
Due to complications from an injury while serving in Iraq during Desert Storm, Bill chose to have his leg amputated at the age of 34. As an active father of three young children and baseball coach Bill wanted to reclaim his mobility and enjoy all the activities he was involved in prior to being injured. He attributes much of his positive outlook and drive to stay ahead of the game to the team of practitioners at Mid-Florida Prosthetics and Orthotics.
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