Supporting Special Kids at Ocala School

Students at Maplewood Elementary School in Ocala, FL participated in an exciting experience last fall which is still reaping benefits today. Students with special needs arrived at a school courtyard where they found raised planting beds waiting to be filled with an array of colorful flowers, scented plants, and caterpillar ...
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Limb Loss Awareness Month

​Living with limb loss or limb difference is challenging, but you are not alone! Join our community, find friends with shared experiences, and advocate for improvements in care and access for yourself and others. The Amputee Coalition uses this month to encourage individuals and their families to speak out and spread awareness o...
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COVID-19 Action & Response

Person washing hands to prevent spread of germs
How Mid-Florida Orthotics & Prosthetics Is Taking Action To do our part to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, we have increased regular sanitation practices in our clinics and staff are wearing enhanced PPE, including masks, per CDC guidelines. We ask that any patients who are experiencing fever, cough, or who may have been exposed ...
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Health & Fitness for Amputees

amputee-fitness High Tech & Low Impact
Amputation surgery and recovering from limb loss is life altering. Simple things that were once accomplished with little thought and effort, can be overwhelming challenges at first. Overcoming the countless amounts of changes can disheartening and can often lead to depressive symptoms. It is important to not lose hope and focus the on opportunities...
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U.S. DoD Warrior Games to be held in Florida – June 2019

seth-kane-406462-unsplash U.S. DoD Warrior Games
Come out get inspired and take the next step in your journey to a life without limits!  Watch, cheer or perhaps volunteer - the important thing is engagement with this amazing community, just waiting to say hello!  To support our troops and learn how you can engage and do more please visit the Tampa Bay Times Website. Complete Details

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