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Innovations In Health & Fitness for Amputees

amputee-fitness High Tech & Low Impact

Amputation surgery and recovering from limb loss is life altering. Simple things that were once accomplished with little thought and effort, can be overwhelming challenges at first. Overcoming the countless amounts of changes can disheartening and can often lead to depressive symptoms. It is important to not lose hope and focus the on opportunities well within the grasp of every amputee.One of the keys to living a long and fulfilling life is to continue to be active and engage in a regular fitness routine.

Your new prosthetic may at first, be difficult to adapt to however, your day-to-day activities will get much easier with time and you will also be able to enjoy simple conveniences and physical activities again with practice. With a positive attitude, patience and perseverance, your device will become your partner in a free and active lifestyle.Staying positive and being prepared for the hard work ahead is the first step in achieving a successful outcome. Here are some tips that will help you get started in regaining your physical fitness.

Be sure to download the Ottobock Trunk Muscle Training & Co-ordination guide.

Get High Tech!

Ottobock offers a free app for iPhone and Android devices, designed specifically for lower limb amputees, to assist in providing the safe fitness and optimal outcomes. The Ottobock "Fitness for Amputees" app was developed by therapists and includes three modules: strength & endurance, coordination & balance and stretch & relaxation. Each module allows you to work at your own pace and includes multiple exercises that can be completed at different levels of difficulty. Set your personal goals depending on your ability, track your progress, with your own playlist to encourage you to push a little harder! Download the App for your device and get started on the road to better health and fitness today!

Low Impact Options

Yoga provides not only the benefits of physical fitness but also positive mental effects such as pain relief, stress reduction, confidence improvement, grief reduction, and much more. Other types of exercise always come with the threat of injury, especially during the early stages of physical therapy. Yoga provides patients the chance to ease back into an active lifestyle and an ideal way improve core balance, coordination and get back on their feet.

Pilates provides low zero impact exercise using special equipment designed to improve strength, flexibility, posture and core strength which results in improved balance and mobility. It was originally created as a form of exercise for people injured by accidents in an effort to help restore their mobility and health, by cleverly creating an exercise apparatus out of their hospital beds.

Get Inspired

 There are thousands of different success stories featuring all kinds of different amputees. From record-breaking athletes, to powerful business owners, to aspiring superheroes, and everything in-between, anyone can defy the odds.  There are a wealth of online and local support groups available, check out our event calendar for current schedules and details. A positive attitude is something that is not easily achieved by someone dealing with the loss of a limb, but it is a vital part of creating every inspiring story, check out some of our patients journeys!
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