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Keeping Your Device Clean

keeping prosthetics clean

Wearing a prosthetic or orthotic device on a daily basis is a reality for a lot of people.Living in Florida, the problem of moisture, sand and perspiration can wreak havoc on any device.  When you rely on that device for mobility, it becomes a priority to keep things clean and in working order.  The purpose of this post is to give some tips on maintenance of your device.

Make sure your body part is clean 

The first rule when using a device is to make sure your body part is clean before donning it.Whether you are using a prosthesis or orthosis, a good fit starts with clean skin.

Use a clean interface every day

Use a clean interface everyday. Whether you put a sock next to your skin, or a gel liner, make sure the interface is clean. Many problems can be avoided simply by having a clean interface.

Use gentle soaps to clean your interface

If you wear a gel liner, you should be using body soap to clean it DAILY after use.Do not use dish soap, laundry soap, or any other soap other than body soap.If you have the means to do so, there are soaps available online designed for amputees. As for socks, the washing instructions are included in every pack.All can be machine washed. Use a detergent that is skin friendly for you.

Wipe off your device at least once a week

Speak to your provider about how best to clean the inside of your device. It can be as simple as wiping the inside of your socket or wiping your orthosis off with rubbing alcohol. If anything spills on your device, clean it immediately.If something is loose, please contact your provider immediately to get it fix. Never adjust your device.

If perspiration is a problem, try antiperspirant

Some patients sweat excessively. To combat perspiration, you can try spraying antiperspirant on the skin at night so that it can absorb into the skin .This will help cut down on sweating. Again, if you have the means, there is antiperspirant designed for use with orthotic and prosthetic devices available online.

Having a clean device and interface will go a long way to making your prosthetic and orthotic wearing experience more successful.

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